Will A Switch To E-Cig Make You Healthier?

It is well known that after you quit smoking cigarettes, your body goes into a repair mode right away. That gunk in your lungs is cleaning out within the first month, making it easier to breathe. In fact, if you stop smoking before your 40th birthday, scientist say you could live as long as somebody that never has smoked.

But what about those who switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs? Are they helping their health as much?  Well, the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes haven’t had enough research done to make that conclusive decision … yet.

There have been smokers that starting vaping while they continued smoking traditional cigarettes that have still been diagnosed with lung issues. But at the same time, there are those who switching from traditional to electronic cigarettes totally and have seen improvement in their health. The general opinion of medical experts is to 100% quit for the best results.

And yet, for many Americans that smoke, the electronic cigarette is socially acceptable and a way to reduce their nicotine addiction.

Others Weigh In Differently

Other experts in addiction and behavior studies still claim that because the brands vary in electronic cigarettes, it is hard to determine anything conclusive. Each brand’s e-juice is different, for example, the nicotine delivery in all electronic cigarettes can be customized by the user.

While we know for fact that electronic cigarettes haven’t be around in popularity as long as traditional cigarettes, we can’t argue that there isn’t any burning smoke from the e-cig as there is from the traditional cigarette. Thus, the amount of carbon monoxide that is exhaled from e-cigs is less than that from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

But is the e-juice chemicals as unhealthy? Studies have shown that the lung cells do experience damage from the aerosols and flavorings used in e-juice. But the studies are still considered incomplete and many say the studies are rushed to fulfill the demands for information are high.

The CDC has developed a new campaign that is sending a strong message: Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and vaping too is not a good idea. While the kids of today have been raised with the belief that smoking is not good, they are seeing that electronic cigarettes have gained in popularity. Add that into the many different flavors of e-juice, the concern is they will see vaping as acceptable and okay, when in fact, the long-term effects are still unknown.

Over 16,000 secondary school children were surveyed in the United Kingdom. 1 out of every 5 admitted to using electronic cigarettes. The concern for many experts in this area is that the students who accessed electronic cigarettes far outnumbered the number of students that had never smoked, simply because they wanted to try something new. Because the packaging of electronic cigarettes made them look safe.

But while the experts aren’t 100% sure of the long-term effects of vaping over smoking, they aren’t discouraging anyone that switches from tobacco to vaping. The majority of the results are still showing vaping is better than smoking, and many that have made the switch are claiming to feel better. And while we know the human body does start to repair itself after a smoker quits, what happens if they start vaping is unknown still.

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Your Own Vape Shop – It’s Not All Smoke and Mirrors Behind The Scenes

We’ve recently shared with you the beginning information on opening your own vape shop. The crux of financing, inventory, regulations, etc.  Here, we’re going to share the steps that experienced and successful vape shop entrepreneurs have shared with us:

Location, Location, Location

If there is an important first step (after getting your financials in order) it the location of your vape shop. Whether it is your home or your business, location is the utmost important things, and this may take some research on your part. Your store location needs to be where you’ll attract business, convenient to get to, and you’ll want to check on the city and state regulations for your type of business.

Successful owners of vape shops will tell you that not only is accessibility important, but so is visibility when it comes to the location. You need to be easy to find for the people looking for you and want to attract drive-by business. This will require signage which needs to be clear, concise, and of course, visible. Corner locations are the best in the fact that you can be reached by two different directions.

Once you have your vape shop location secured, you want it make a good presence. It should be comfortable feeling on the inside, welcoming and well-lit on the outside. You want your customers to be drawn inside and then to feel welcomed once they are inside.

Staffing Your Vape Store

A good employee can make your vape shop successful and a bad employee can break it. You should hire knowledgeable people that can talk intelligently to customer about all aspects of electronic cigarettes and the things that go with them. They should know the laws and regulations, such as not selling to minors, because that will get your fined in the best outcome, or shut down in the worse outcome.

Your staff should be able to exchange conversations with newbies just as easy as they do vape aficionados. Ideally, the perfect employee will vape and have their own personal advice and information to offer. Above all, you want your staff to be approachable, friendly, honest, and customer service oriented.

Your Inventory

Your vape shop should have a wide range of products in stock. The more products you offer, the more people you can appeal to. You won’t be able to stock everything vape, but you need to have multiple choices in each category, including the vaporizers themselves. One of your biggest competitors will be the online vape shops. Their pricing will be less than yours, but your advantage is convenience – if you have stock.

Don’t Get Greedy With Your Mark Up

Retailers are said to have an excellent margin in the vaping industry, but you can get too greedy. Don’t stock your store with only the high-end (i.e., high priced) products. You should also have lower price point products as well so that you’re reaching a broader range of vapors.

 Social Media Is The Best Way to Promote Your Vape Store

If you haven’t been a social media fan, now is the time to get there. Social media rules these days, especially when it comes to new things like electronic cigarettes. You can interact with your customers, potential customers, even your competition via social media.

This allows you to see what the other guys are doing, or not doing, and you can follow suit or go a totally different direction. Get your social media accounts established as soon as you have your location and name established and start getting your grand opening buzzing!

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